Retail Shop Leases-Why must the Landlord Suffer?

You are a firm but fair landlord.  Your tenants dislike you but they would wouldn’t they.  You enjoy being in charge and appreciate the support given to you by the Courts which give tenant’s complaints that leases are “unreasonable, mean and petty” short shrift. 

You decide to venture into retail shop leases.  But the government has made “changes”.  What sort of changes?  Well roughly there are ten: 

They haven’t reduced the money that you can charge in rent-they know that your blood pressure would not take that sort of thing. 

The suffering is not all one way.  You know how much tenants hate spending money on lawyers?  Well the government makes the tenant go to a lawyer to get a legal advice certificate.

Why would the Queensland Government do this to you?  Well you may recall a Chinese proverb which says “A man without a smile should not open a shop”.  Of course, that is in China not Queensland.  Some Queensland retailers seem very unhappy indeed.  In that way that some teachers hate kids.  Take a trip to a few shops and enquire “How’s business” and you will appreciate that they have enough on their plate and that is why the government has had to act to cheer them up as it was ruining the tourist industry.

Has it worked?  Well as Chinese Premier Zhou En Lai said in the 1960s when he was asked the impact of the French Revolution, "It’s too early to tell".

I hope this helps.

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